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Vaping Tips for Newbie Vapers

Vaping Tips for Newbie Vapers

Have you decided to ditch smoking and pursue vaping? If so, then good for you. You can now say goodbye to your old deadly friend — cigarettes.

Being a newbie to vaping is fun but at the same time, can be overwhelming. There is a bit of a learning curve to using vapes and not all people are comfortable with new things.

Here are some things that you need to know as someone new to vaping.

Vaping tips for newbie vapers

Choosing Your Device

Like a soldier going to a battle, you need to gear up. Choosing the best vape is the first thing that would come to mind. But first, a few things things to consider:

  • How often are you going to vape?
  • Do you want a disposable vape?
  • Do you travel a lot?

For occasional and casual vapers, disposable vape pens and sticks are the best option. It can be used on the go at any time. It is also portable and easy to grab. The downside to disposable vape pens is it is limited. Once you use up all your puffs, you have to buy a new device. A disposable vape is great for beginners because you will not need to invest in more expensive vapes.

For more experienced vape users, a vape mod is a great option. Sub-ohm vape pens and box mods are some samples of vape mods. These mods are more complex and it can be confusing to beginners. These mods are also bulkier so travelling with them can be an inconvenience.

Quality and Flavour of Juice

Different brands and flavors of juices come out every so often. It is not a bad idea to go for cheaper and newer brands but better be sure of the quality first. Look for reviews and ask for other people’s opinions.

There are plenty of different flavours to choose from. You can try various flavours to find the one you enjoy best. Choose what you genuinely enjoy. We can also recommend going with different flavours from time to time to avoid vaper’s tongue.

Know Proper Vaping Etiquette

Being a vaper is fine but being a responsible vaper is what you should aim for. Be responsible for your own actions. A simple rule of thumb to follow is not to vape where you won’t smoke.

Vape in places where vaping is allowed.
Do not vape around children. Sure, vaping may be safer than smoking it still has substances that can be harmful to children.
Vape at home. If you have guests, it is proper etiquette to vape outside instead.

Take Care of Yourself

Vaping might not be as dangerous as smoking is. Studies are still needed to determine any long-term ill effects of vaping. For now, you can vape but take care of yourself. Your body will let you know if something is not right. If you feel vaping is bad for you, stop vaping. Also, do what you can to stay healthy. Rehydrate yourself. Eat healthy foods. Brush your teeth and tongue regularly. Take a break from vaping every now and then to avoid vapers tongue.

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