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Is Second-Hand Vapour from Vapes Harmful?

is second hand vapour from vapes harmful

Vaping has been gaining popularity. While not totally safe on its own, it is less harmful compared to regular cigarettes. But here’s a question. Is second-hand vapour harmful?

Smoke from cigarette

Difference Between Second-Hand Smoke and Second-Hand Vapor

Second-hand smoke comes from smoking cigarettes and tobacco while second-hand vapour comes from vaporizers. Both are products of activity but how do they differ?

Second-hand smoke is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes. It can actually be more dangerous than smoking directly. Second-hand smoke contains hundreds of toxins that can cause serious illnesses. Some illnesses associated with second-hand smoke are stroke, various respiratory problems, and possible reproductive problems.

On the other hand, the second-hand vapour is the by-product of vaping. Some claim that second-hand smoke and second-hand vapor are the same. That’s plain wrong. Second-hand smoke and second-hand vapour are not the same. Smoke from cigarettes is a product of combustion. Combustion means burning any substance with fire.

Vaping emits an aerosol. Vaping devices use heat to vaporize e-juices that you inhale. Chemicals can be found in vapour but it contains significantly less harmful stuff when compared with cigarette smoke.

Is Second-Hand Vape Dangerous?

There are studies conducted to examine second-hand aerosol. Igor Burstyn and his team confirmed that they didn’t find traces of contaminants in the aerosol. But, they can’t confirm what harm direct exposure poses.

Since vaping is still new and studies are still ongoing, the answer to whether is still inconclusive. We still need to wait for long-term investigations and studies to assess if second-hand is harmful.

Until we know for sure, it is best to vape away from other people. You wouldn’t want to endanger other people. Besides, it’s common courtesy to smoke and vape away from other people, especially children, and pregnant women.

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