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Is it Okay to Vape if You Have Never Smoked?

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Vaping is becoming more popular as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many smokers say that vaping helps them to resist the urge to smoke cigarettes again to lessen (and even eliminate) their nicotine intake. 

As the popularity of vaping increases, some people are getting curious and want to try it. However, one question comes to mind. Is it okay to vape if you have never smoked a cigarette before?

Why Do People Switch to Vaping?

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Smoking is bad. Everyone knows this. It is a subject up for debate. Smoking is harmful not just to smokers but also to the people around them. Vaping can be considered the safest alternative to smoking addiction until a smoker can get rid of their dependence on nicotine.

According to one study, smokers can improve their heart’s health after weeks of switching to e-cigarettes.  This goes to show that vaping can help even after just a few weeks.

Vaping also allows people to smoke without letting the nicotine in their bodies. We offer nicotine-free vape pens which are great for those who want to try vaping without getting hooked on nicotine.

It’s great when you can enjoy vaping without having to worry about your health. Instead of becoming addicted, you can enjoy different flavors like watermelon, apple, mint, grape, forest berry, strawberry and more.

Is it Safe to Vape Even if You Have Never Smoked? 

Is it Okay to Vape if You Have Never Smoked

Yes, you can vape even if you have never smoked. Up until now there is no solid evidence that shows vaping without nicotine can do harm to people. On the other hand, smoking cigarettes has been proven to cause numerous diseases that can lead to death. Most people who smoke will suffer from cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases and more. 

When you vape, you are not getting addicted to nicotine and you are not being exposed to hundreds of harmful compounds. All you are getting is a pleasant vaping experience. Vaping can also be a great way to bond with friends and colleagues during break time. 

Improve your vaping experience with your favorite flavors without harming your health. When you vape, you only inhale the flavor of your e-juice but not the toxic chemicals from tobacco.

Nicotine-free vapes do not contain tar or any of the 700 other chemicals that you can get from burning cigarettes. Vaping is safe even for non-smokers. 

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