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How to Properly Dispose of a Vape Pen?

how to dispose vape properly

More and more people are throwing away their cigarettes and replacing them with vapes. Some vapers have chosen the rechargeable vapes while some prefer to use disposable vapes. While using a vape is generally better for your health when compared to smoking, it does produce more electronic waste which can be hazardous to the environment when not disposed of properly. 

Reports indicate that 51% of vapers have been throwing away their e-cigarettes with empty pods with regular trash while 17% disposed of them in a recycling bin but not designed for e-cigarette waste. The other 10% are the ones that simply throw them anywhere.

How to Properly Dispose of Your Vape Pen?

Most e-cigarette manufacturers don’t provide users with information on how to dispose of used e-cigarettes. As of now, there are no standardized ways to recycle disposable e-cigars but most components would fall under electronic waste. Your vape pen has three main components; The cartridge that holds the e-juice, the heating element, and the lithium-ion battery. How would you dispose of these? When not disposed of properly, these components can pose a threat to our health.

Here are the Safe Ways to Dispose of Your e-Cigarettes


Put cartridges in a sealed container and deliver them to hazardous waste facilities to avoid unintended exposure to nicotine. 

Batteries and Other Components

Even rechargeable batteries have a life span and you will need to replace them at some point. When that time comes, remove the rechargeable battery from the device while it is turned off. Don’t throw it in your garbage. This lithium-ion battery is basically a fire hazard. Keep it in a closed container and follow your local community guidelines for disposing of electronic waste. 

Most other components of your vape also fall under electronic waste.

Vaping is known to be a healthier way to quit smoking but it can cause a negative impact if you throw your devices irresponsibly. Enjoy vaping but don’t forget to do your part to protect the environment and others.

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