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How to Enjoy Vaping Without the Nicotine

how to enjoy vaping without nicotine

Let’s face it, many smokers refuse to switch to vaping due to their dependence on nicotine. While not advisable due to health concerns, vapers can actually increase their nicotine intake. If you are going to switch to vaping, opt for the nicotine-free option

Many smokers switch to vaping to gradually decrease their nicotine intake. From someone who used to smoke, we all know how difficult it is to quit smoking and break the nicotine addiction. You suffer from the withdrawal symptoms and getting over that takes a lot of willpower.

Once you are over it, you will open a world of reasons to enjoy a nicotine-free vape.

nicotine-free smoke

Being Free from Nicotine

We have already established that getting away from nicotine isn’t easy. With vaping, you can enjoy that smoking feeling without all the harmful substances.

And if you are just starting on your nicotine-free journey, you can start off with lower than 16mg of nicotine which is the standard nicotine content of one cigarette. You can lower it to 11mg which is about 80% of the nicotine content. It’s going to be hard but don’t go over your current level. As you get used to your reduced nicotine intake, you can continue to decrease your nicotine intake until you are able to eliminate it completely.

Options Abound

There are other things you can vape aside from nicotine-free juices. There are vapes that use ground cannabis that look no different from vape pens. Aside from cannabis, there are other legal vape herbs that you can enjoy.

Talking about options, there are nicotine-free vape flavours that you can also enjoy. There are disposable vape pens that come in mint, watermelon, and apple flavours.

No Cigarette Smell

Who likes the smell of cigarette smoke? Even smokers themselves don’t enjoy that.

The smell of cigarette smoke lingers in your clothes, body, hair, and even in your breath for hours.

You’ll never experience vaping. The fumes from vaping dissipate faster compared to cigarette smoke. In addition, vape fumes are fragrant.

Nicotine-Free Vape is a Smoother Experience

With the absence of nicotine, vaping is smoother. Smokers and vapers can tell when the nicotine is absorbed by your body. It gives a thump or something like a rough sensation, especially in your throat. That is what you call a “throat hit.”

There are vapers who enjoy that hit but some don’t. That’s what nicotine-free vape offers you. Once you inhale the vapour, it goes down smoothly. You can only feel and enjoy the flavour and warmth of the vapour. You can also blow out some clouds for that fun factor.

Nicotine-Free Vapes are Cheaper

There are actually disposable nicotine-free vape pens that cost way cheaper compared to regular vapes. You can buy a vape that lasts for about 200 puffs for $5 to $10. More puffs on your disposable vape will cost more. Still, way cheaper than a regular vape.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider using nicotine-free vape pens.

Happy vaping!

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