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Convert Smokers to Vapers if You Care About Them


Are you worried about your partner, friend, or a family member who smokes? Have you tried to get them to ditch their smoking habits? It can be challenging to get someone to stop smoking. We can offer some suggestions. 

Let Them Know You Do Not Like Cigarette Smoke

If you are living with a person who smokes and you want him/her to quit smoking, you need to let him/her know that you hate the smell of cigarettes. Be vocal about how you hate the cigarette’s smoke and smell. Show the smoker how disgusted you are with the smoke by coughing and gagging. This may take some acting skills but it might work.

Cigarette Smoke

Try to Keep Children Around

If a person is a decent human being, he/she would not be smoking with kids around. Most smokers will defer smoking or move to a different area before lighting up a stick. 

You can then urge them to use a nicotine-free vaporizer as a substitute. This will ease up their cigarette craving. Tell them that he can use a vaporizer around children. Just make sure that it is nicotine-free!

Cut a Deal with the Smoker

It might sound funny but you can create some kind of a deal with smokers. Tell them how dependent they are on cigarettes and how destructive it is. They’ll deny it for sure. Here’s where the wager comes in. Cut him or her a deal that if he or she can avoid cigarettes for a certain amount of time, a reward will be given.

Take it a notch further and offer a bigger reward for ditching smoking completely. Of course how successful this will depend on what you’re willing to offer. The more you put at stake the more successful it will be. You can now offer him a vaporizer while you are at it to get him or her on the road to switching to a non-harmful alternative.

Give them “The Talk” or Arrange an Intervention

You can try the methods we mentioned but the most effective would be to talk about it. Doing the talk or setting up an intervention might sound simplistic but never underestimate it. Just talking about stuff can work wonders. The moment that the smoker realizes that you care for him/her, he/she might consider dropping smoking. You can now open up and offer vaping as a safer alternative to his smoking habits. Show support on this and watch how they progress with it.

Heart to heart talk

Get out there and start plotting your anti-smoking initiative. We hope this helps you out.

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