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The Benefits Of E-Shisha Pens, E Hookahs, And Vape Pens

Shisha Pen Australia

Electronic shisha pens are relatively smaller and lighter than the conventional methods. Because of this, they are easily portable and therefore, they are the perfect choice for people who want to experience shisha pleasure wherever they go. Here are the main reasons to buy an e shisha pen in Australia: they are free from toxins because they don’t product smoke, they are cost effective, there are wide variety of flavors to explore, and they are non-addictive.

Vape Pens are free from toxins because it has no smoke

Scientists say that there are thousands of toxins found in the tobacco that is used in conventional shisha. These toxins pose various health risks to the human body. Although the setup is designed to get rid of some of these toxins by passing smoke through water before it gets to your mouth, it is not 100% effective. With the electronic version, you are sure that even as you enjoy your time, you will be cushioned against the harmful effects of these toxins.

Vape Pens are cost effective – for only $3.95 for the 500 puffs version to $5.95 for the 800 puffs version

When you buy an e shisha pen in Australia from sites such as you get a single use disposable product that relies on an atomizer that runs using a battery. The atomizer warms the liquid inside the pen in order to turn it into vapor for inhalation. The liquid mainly consists of water that has been flavored using fruits and other herbs. The most common flavors include orange, pineapple, chocolate mint, and raspberry vanilla. These flavors can easily be found from local stores, and do not cost too much. If you compare with the other options where you would be required to buy tobacco all the time, you will notice that the electronic type is less costly.

You can buy a $3.95 Disposable Shisha Pen that lasts for 500 puffs on this link.

You can also buy the longer lasting 800 puffs version on this link.

Wide variety of flavors to explore

Try the different flavors of E-shisha:

The 800 Puffs version also has some more flavors that you can explore:

They are non-addictive – a good way to overcome addiction to smoking and live a healthier lifestyle

Those who have always been against traditional shisha have cited that since it’s addictive and since traditional shisha is detrimental to your health, it should be avoided. The good thing is that you can easily get rid of the old unhealthy addiction by replacing it with electronic shisha pens that are less harmful for your health because there is no smoke. Since there is no actual fire you don’t have to worry about the carcinogenic effects of smoke.
In a nutshell, buying an e shisha pen in Australia has a lot of advantages. The fact that there are many types of pens to explore makes them even better. If you have been looking for a safer smoking experience, you now know what to do.

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  1. […] With electronic shisha pens, the vapor that is generated dissipates within seconds. This means that even as you use it, the vapor will not go too far, and nobody will be affected. This is the reason why it is widely accepted in places where traditional tobacco smoke cannot be tolerated. It also explains the increasing popularity of e-shisha in Australia. […]

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