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Are Hookah Pens Safe?

Traditional shisha’s are big and bulky and also use tobacco molasses, water and coal to be able to operate. However tobacco is not a safe product nor is water being pulled into the lungs or combustion caused by the coal. So are hookah pens safe?

Hookah pens also known as e shishas are small, safe, battery operated devices that create vapour made up of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The vapour is created by heating the substance using battery power. By smoking an e shisha you save yourself from all the extra harmful chemicals that traditional shisha has. Hookah pens also use more natural herbs that are widely available and can be found in our day to day products.

Introducing The Better Option

Many traditional smokers are saying they want to stop smoking but don’t actually do it. A hookah pen is a much better option than nicotine patches. If you are a regular tobacco cigarette smoker and would like to move over to hookah pens instead. This is the first step to making a great choice to improving your health. At first it might take some time getting used to it because your body will go through withdrawal symptoms from all the dangerous chemicals that you are used to inhaling. Do not stop and go back to smoking. But with time you will eventually be enjoying vapes and won’t need to go back.

A lot of people will question you about it being more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. Remember that it does not have the many harms of traditional smoking that includes combustion, tar and many other dangerous chemicals. The devices are light and easy to carry. They are available as disposable as well as reusable. Eshisha’s are safe to use in all areas and not only designated smoking areas as it is safe to inhale.

Are There Any Limitations?

It is however respectable to use your Eshisha only in certain areas. You have many different flavours to choose from and will cover something for everyone’s taste buds. Some of the simple flavours include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and many others.

Another issue many people have is that hookah pens are too expensive. But the when you think about it, an e hookah disposable pen is not as expensive when compared to cigarettes. The prices of the devices as well as the liquids are relatively affordable and available all over the internet at competitive prices.

Some Interesting Facts

A fun fact about propylene glycol which is found in the Eshisha is that it is an odourless and colourless chemical that is used by pharmaceutical companies that produce some of the items we use in our daily lives. It can also be found in things like our toothpaste, mouthwash and even cosmetics. It also possesses a sweet taste which unlike sugar will not cause a rise the blood sugar levels. Propylene glycol can also be used to enhance flavours and are found in many baking items such as cakes and doughnuts. Food grade vegetable glycerine is 99.7% pure with the remaining percentages being water.

The reason why eshishas are so popular is because unlike regular shishas it is small and easily portable. It even provides you with the same level of satisfaction as the regular shisha it’s just safer to use for everyone. Shop now to order your very own battery operated e shisha pen today!

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