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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Vaping

5 reasons why you should switch to vaping

There are plenty of reasons to switch to vaping. Ditch that cigarette and read these four reasons why you should consider vaping.

Get Rid of Nicotine

Vaping technology has improved over the past few years. Nowadays, you can tweak the amount of nicotine your vape has. No one can even remove nicotine entirely. This is one reason why more smokers are switching to vaping. Vaping is a big step to becoming nicotine-free.

Nicotine from Cigarette

Nicotine is one dangerous chemical found in cigarettes. This chemical acts as a stimulant that affects the brain. In the long run, this chemical constricts blood vessels throughout your body. Constricted blood vessels can lead to high blood pressure.

Be Healthier

Smoking is very dangerous. A cigarette has at least 600 ingredients. Smoking a cigarette creates 7,000 more chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Apart from cancer, it can cause a myriad of other diseases from heart disease to other chronic pulmonary diseases. Smoking can damage just about every organ in the body.

Tobacco smoking is still one of the leading preventable causes of death and diseases in Australia. Around 15,500 Australians die every year because of smoking.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Carcinogens and other harmful substances found in tobacco like tar, cyanide, and ammonia. These substances are not found in vapes. When you smoke a cigarette, you put everyone else around you at risk of all getting tobacco-related diseases. This includes your significant other, your children and other families. Secondhand smoke is a real issue.

No Foul Smells

Let’s be honest, nobody likes the smell of cigarette leaves on you. Your fingers, your breath, your hair, and your clothes will reek of cigarette smoke. Non-smokers can also easily tell someone who has recently been smoking. At some point, your sense of taste is also affected by smoking.

Vape smoke leaves no smell or the smell of the flavour of your vape. The smell that a vape leave is not a horrid smell. In fact, there are times that non-vapers enjoy that vape smell.

Plenty of Flavours to Choose From

Aside from being nicotine-free, vape offers tons of flavours. Mint, watermelon, apple, and many more. Vapers can choose what flavour they want from a plethora of juice makers. That is one thing smokers will never have.

Nexx Nicotine-Free Vape

Right now, there’s no reason to keep smoking. Go get a vape instead.

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