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Best Hookah Pen in Australia (Shisha Pen) the Ultimate Guide

Electronic shisha pens, also known for a variety of names (e shisha,  e hookah, shisha stick, shisha pen)  are becoming increasingly popular as a better alternative to smoking. For those who are not familiar, a disposable shisha pen is a vaporizer that allows you to inhale nicotine or non-nicotine vapours. The solution that produces the vapour is found in a small cartridge inside the device. The solution comes in a variety of flavours to suit your personal preferences.

Because of the growing demand for electronic shishas, the market for such devices have grown astronomically over the years. This device is perfect for individuals looking to switch from smoking, or for those individuals who just want to try different flavours. Here are some practical information that you need to know when you buy an e hookah online.

Types of Shisha Vape Pen

There are several types of electronic shisha to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

1. Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens usually come in one piece. Inside the device is a battery to power up the shisha pen, an atomizer to vaporize the liquid solution, and a flavour cartridge with the liquid solution of your choice. Disposable hookah pens are intended for one-time use only. This means that there’s no assembly needed and you don’t need to charge it. You will know how long the product will last by checking the number of puffs.

2. Rechargeable Hookah Pen

Rechargeable hookah pens on the other hand can last longer. It comes with a USB charger to allow charging once the battery is exhausted. The flavour cartridge can be refilled with an e-liquid.

Choosing a Rechargeable Vape Pen Online

As you might expect from a rapidly growing market, the number of vape pens in Australia alone is astronomical. These vape pens come in a variety of shapes, designs, and flavours. If you are still stuck in the juice, here are some tips that you can use to buy vape pens online.

1. Check The Features

  • Battery Life– This might not be important if you are using a disposable shisha pen but if you are looking for a rechargeable hookah, then you need to find a shisha pen with a reliable battery. Most often than not, e-hookahs run on lithium-ion batteries. Smaller batteries need to be charged more often compared to bigger batteries. So if you always go outdoors, or want to have a longer vaping experience, then finding bigger batteries with higher capacity will be ideal.
  • The Atomizer– Most vaporizers either use a plastic atomizer or a glass atomizer. The atomizer tank is where you can add your e-liquid. Compared to plastic atomizer tanks, glass atomizers do better in preserving the flavour of the e-liquid.
  • Weight- Some shisha pens are very light while others can be a tad heavier. Having a lightweight shisha pen is great for portability and ease of use. However, most of the lighter ones use plastic atomizer tanks, which may not be ideal for longer a lasting vapour flavour.
  • Special Features– There are some vape pens with added features that put them on the best hookah pens list.

2. Read Reviews

When buying a shisha pen for the first time, always see to it to read reviews online. This will greatly help you identify the pros and cons of each vaporizer as well as short-list vaporizers that you really like. There are also a lot of forums dedicated to helping first-time vapers choose the best vape pens.

3. Compare Shisha Pen Price

Just like with any other products, comparing shisha pen prices can help you find the best deals. Understanding the feature of each product well you will see that not all expensive vape pens can give you the most bang out of your buck. Sometimes a cheap vape pen is all you need.

Vape pens with glass atomizers are usually more expensive compared to those with plastic atomizers. If you are not a heavy vaper, a disposable shisha pen might do the trick. Our disposable shisha pens will cost you less than $10. You can also choose from a variety of starter kits that costs around $80. These starter kits are of higher quality and usually have a higher battery capacity.